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Capacity Evaluations

Safely returning injured employees

Are you ready to return your employees to work after an injury or illness?

Briotix Health's Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) can determine an injured employee's abilities, readiness, and any necessary accommodations for a triumphant return to work.


FCEs include tests of strength, endurance, range of motion, and other physical and cognitive skills. 

The results of our evaluations are used to:


1. Determine an individual's ability to return to work while identifying ongoing impairments.


Ensure a safe and effective return to work with Briotix Health's FCE solutions. Our evaluations determine physical and cognitive abilities, informing return-to-work readiness and necessary accommodations, such as ergonomic modifications, for a sustained return. Trust us to help you get back to work with confidence.


2. Make accommodations in the workplace to ensure the individual can perform their job effectively and safely


After an injury or illness, individuals must have the necessary support and resources to perform their job effectively and safely. Our FCEs provide informed recommendations for accommodations, such as ergonomic modifications or job duty changes, to ensure a sustainable return to work. Let us help you perform your job safely and promote your continued rehabilitation and recovery.


3. Establish a baseline of medical information that can be utilized for ongoing rehabilitation, if necessary.


Track your rehabilitation and recovery progress with Briotix Health's Functional Capacity Evaluations. Our FCE solutions provide a baseline of physical and cognitive abilities, helping to inform and modify rehabilitation plans. Share results with healthcare providers for informed treatment and monitor progress for a full recovery with the necessary support.

Decades of Experience and Our Results Speak for Themselves

Our team of experts has provided thousands of accurate and comprehensive evaluations across various industries to help individuals get back to work as quickly and safely as possible.


Returning to work after an injury or illness can be challenging. Our customized yet repeatable solutions simplify and automate the process for you.


Don't wait any longer. Connect with one of our Solutions Advisors to determine if Functional Capacity Evaluations suit your company. 

Here is a free Desk Set-Up Diagram. Really, it’s free. Use it to ensure your workspace is ergo friendly and productive.

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