Helping Your Business with Workplace Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

Briotix is your partner in employee wellness, injury prevention, rehabilitation and the answer to problems around absenteeism, post offer employment testing, ergonomic employee training, workers’ compensation claims and reporting.  We bring the expertise of physical therapists, occupational therapists, ergonomists and athletic trainers to your most complicated problems along with best in class technology and reporting software, enabling you to use KPI’s, industry standards and benchmarks to improve the health and productivity of your workforce.

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Let us help you take control of your injury rates, absenteeism and employee wellness.

Briotix combines tools, science and technology from the fields of employee health, ergonomics, physical medicine, data science, and organizational design to address and prevent employee injuries, help them get back to work and reduce the individual, organizational, and societal costs of musculoskeletal disorders.

This services allow us help your organization with:

  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Helping employees return to work after an injury
  • Preventing re-injury with rehabilitation and workstation changes
  • Preventing injuries with early symptom intervention
  • Reducing workers’ compensation claims
  • Making data-driven decisions with KPI & industry benchmark reports
  • Engaging employees to participate in their wellness
  • Employee wellness training
  • Group fitness & wellness courses
  • Ergonomic assessments for proper office configuration
  • Post Offer Employment Testing to ensure your new hire is fit for the duties required
  • Job descriptions and job analysis

Office Ergonomics

Briotix health offers prevention and intervention solutions, using proven science and best-in class technology, to help resolve employee discomfort and help them return to work faster.

Best Suited For: Office environments with desks.

Solutions and Services:

  • Enterprise Program Development
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Global Program Administration
  • BxPro Office 360-degree Technology: software for self assessment, training, virtual assessment scheduling and injury and prevention reports)
  • Small Site Solutions

Industrial Sports Medicine

ISM solutions help companies decrease the number of OSHA recordables and costs associated with lost-time injuries and workers’ compensation claims with our sonsite industrial sports medicine, hands-on training, and real-time management

Best Suited For: In the field or on a distribution floor/warehouse.

Solutions and Services:

  • Early Discomfort Management
    • Virtual and Onsite Screenings
    • OSHA Approved First AID, Tissue Release, and Taping
  • Ergonomic Assessment & Solution Development
    • Training, Program Planning, and Administration
  • Physical Performance & Health Coaching
    • Post Offer Employment Testing
    • PRO System Coaching
  • Prescription Rehabilitation Services & Onsite Physical Therapy
  • BxPro Industry: software for self assessment, training, virtual assessment scheduling and injury and prevention reports

Specialized Solutions

  • Physical Performance & Health Coaching
  • Ergonomic Assessment & Solutions Development
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Post-Injury Care Management
  • Job Analysis
  • POET (Post Offer Employment Testing)
  • Customized Projects such as
    • Ergonomic review of current control center designs and design recommendations for new building
    • Controlled laboratory study of chair designs comparing real and perceived effects on productivity and comfort
    • High-level technical ergonomic review of current state of office furniture and lighting designs

Small Site Solutions

Small Site solutions are best suited for organizations who need an onsite injury prevention program but aren’t quite big enough for a full-time person.


  • Early Discomfort Management (Onsite & Virtual)
    • Musculoskeletal Care and Health Risk Coaching
  • Physical Performance & Prevention
    • Body Mechanic Assessments, Coaching, and Training
    • Group/Site and Individual Health Education
  • Industrial Ergonomics Assessment
    • Planning, Facilitation, and Implementation
  • Office Ergonomics
    • Program Development, Strategic Mangement, and Virtual and Onsite Assessments