Lead Ergonomist, Business Transformation Group

Sean Sullivan,
Lead Ergonomist

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Sean is a utility player with a passion for success. His expertise is in optimizing workforce processes and resources to improve the quality and efficiency of business operations. A focus on employee success translates into a healthier organization, in addition to supporting the individual’s ability to achieve their personal goals at work–and within their community. Outcomes of a well workforce have economic impacts across the table.

His emphasis is in behavioral ergonomics & health risk management strategies that support long-term efficacy in medium to large size organizations. Ongoing projects with Briotix include management training curriculums, virtual service delivery solutions, compliance driven project planning, and new product development.

He provides high level consulting to business sectors such as corporate, tech, manufacturing, public works and healthcare, in order to reach desired health and operational outcomes.

As a therapist, he shows continual success in his ability to support companies in fit-for-duty planning, workforce accommodation, stay-at-work, and return to work needs.

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