Briotix is the leading provider of healthcare musculoskeletal injury prevention and condition management solutions.  We address staff injury risks and musculoskeletal health through programs and services devoted to optimizing safe patient handling, early mobility, musculoskeletal wellness, industrial ergonomics (e.g. Material Services), and office ergonomics.



Physical Environment Assessment 

Briotix will complete an “area profile” review of each desired unit/area. This assessment will include reviews and assessments of:

    1. The unit’s patient population and specialty.
    2. The physical layout of the unit (# of rooms, beds, storage areas, “in room” bathrooms, etc).
    3. Any current SPH equipment, attachments, and slings available to the unit/area.

Evaluation of Safe Patient Handling (SPH) Risks 

Briotix will complete a SPH task based risk assessment based on the care tasks completed by staff on each given unit. This will include:

    1. Discussions with nurses about their daily SPH tasks.
    2. An assessment of high risk patient movement and mobility tasks being completed in the unit/area.
    3. An assessment of what SPH equipment staff currently use, if any, to complete the various SPH tasks reported.

Evaluation of Staff Discomfort

Briotix will interact with staff to evaluate the incidence of physical “discomfort” as a means to evaluate your organization’s potential injury risk and overall effectiveness of the current SPH program (Staff discomfort is a leading indicator to injuries, staff performance, staff errors, and other aspects of quality care).

At the conclusion of the SPH site assessment, Briotix will provide your organization with a detailed report outlining the status your current SPH programs and systems as it pertains to regulatory requirements, application of best practice, potential impact on quality of care and outcomes, as well as employee safety.  This report will facilitate dialog both internally and with external vendors that may positively impact your SPH systems across all these dimensions.  Additionally, Briotix will present actionable recommendations that will help your organization close any gaps that are identified through the facility assessment and subsequent analysis.  We look forward to the opportunity to help in the development of your safe patient handling and mobility systems.

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