Executive Vice President/Co-Founder, Briotix Health

Bob has specialized in and developed extensive experience in the fields of wellness, injury prevention and ergonomics. In 1997, Bob formed Omega Health Systems (OHS) to deliver ergonomic consulting services, related software and cost containment programs to workers’ compensation payors and employers. Through a sophisticated combination of injury prevention services, streamlined ergonomic incident management, web applications, and the disciplined and scientific application of ergonomic and behavioral science principles, OHS enables its clients to contain costs and optimize productivity. Bob’s expertise in the disciplines of the health sciences, occupational health and injury prevention, research, and EH&S management has established OHS as an enduring and leading global player in occupational health, ergonomics and injury prevention. Bob’s experience in the field of wellness, injury prevention and ergonomics began shortly after his licensure as a physical therapist in 1993. He founded ALA Ergonomic Resources through Orthopaedic Hospital in downtown, Los Angeles. This organization was instrumental in containing costs for scores of heavy- and medium-industrial clients throughout Southern California. Bob earned his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy (M.P.T.) in 1993 from Mount Saint Mary’s College, CA. This followed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from UCLA in 1991. He completed his Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) at California Lutheran University in 2010.