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Return to
Work Solutions


Objectively evaluate employee capability, improve safety, and minimize risk of injuries

Regardless of the size of your organization, there is a very good chance that at some point, your company has had to deal with an injured employee going on leave. Even one employee absent from work is disruptive to the workplace resulting in costly lost productivity and a burden on coworkers.


At Briotix Health, our focus is on returning your employee back to work as soon as functionally possible and improving stay-at-work outcomes once they are there. Our return to work (RTW) solution has been shown to reduce lost work time, lower workers’ compensation and disability claims costs, and improve the health, happiness, and well-being of your employee.

Benefits of Briotix Health's Return to Work Programs

Our RTW programs have benefits for both the organization and the employee, including:


  • Lower workers' compensation

  • Lower disability claims costs

  • Reduce lost work time

  • Improve productivity and worker safety

  • Increase retention


  • Maintain full earning capacity

  • Avoid dependence on disability benefits

  • Increased sense of job security

  • Ability to stay on a regular work schedule

Comprehensive Return to Work Programming

The success an employer has in helping their employees return and stay at work is largely dependent on early and skilled intervention and innovative accommodations.

Briotix Health’s RTW solutions have assisted employers and their workforce in achieving optimum work conditions, health, productivity, and administration for more than 25 years. Our return-to-work programs offer tailored solutions to meet the varied needs of your workforce and work environment.


Early Return
to Work

A solution providing creativity, guidance, and resources to return employees back to work as soon as possible within the work restrictions identified and recommendations for modified duty.




Guidance and professional support in the collaborative effort involving the employer and employee determining if the employee can successfully return to work.


Functional Capacity Evaluation

Objective evaluation data to help determine medical treatment authorization, return to work, and apportionment eligibility.


Graduated Return
to Work

Step-by-step recommendations for employees’ reintroduction to work over a defined period based on collected job demands data to ensure a successful return to full duty.




Designed to place employees in a transitional, offsite nonprofit agency when the employer cannot accommodate a temporary transitional return to work option.




Functional assessment based on the essential job demands to determine an employee’s ability to safely return to work.




Virtual and onsite ergonomic assessments and end-to-end risk reduction service for claimants or employees in discomfort.



Defined, objective measurement of each job’s physical, cognitive, and behavioral demands and essential functions.



Onsite Disability Duration Management

Combination of return-to-work solutions delivered by a dedicated Briotix Health team member embedded at your site(s) to get employees back to work sooner after disability.



Vocational Assessment

Assessment of an employee’s ability to perform their existing job or finding other employment in the open labor market.


Return to
Work Job

Personalized onsite job coaching to help an employee safely resume activities.


"Briotix Health has been my return-to-work company for more than 15 years. I’ve worked for several insurance companies throughout that time and have brought them along with each move. They are efficient, effective, and competitively priced."

Gary, Claims Manager

Integrate Behavioral Health Solutions for holistic employee care

Briotix Health's Behavioral Health Solutions address employee emotional well-being to enhance health, safety, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging for all employees.

These solutions integrate with our return-to-work solutions, utilizing our experienced team of specialists, knowledgeable in mental health and workplace culture.

  • Consult on customized accommodations and interventions and use relationship-centric approaches to support employees stay at and return to work

  • Assist in building a resilient workforce to address absenteeism, presenteeism, and emotional well-being

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