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Clinical Solutions

Acute and preventative care for
your workforce

Briotix Health’s Clinical Solutions deliver customized services for your workforce from hiring to retiring. Our programs include acute and preventative care and management, employee health and wellness, and management of regulatory exams. Our proven approach ensures state and federal compliance while optimizing the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of total worker health. 

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Benefits of Briotix Health’s Clinical Solutions

Our Clinical Solutions directly benefit both employees and organizations through early intervention and integration.

Organizational Benefits

  • Decrease workers’ compensation claims costs

  • Improve productivity among employees

  • Reduce worker injuries

  • Improve return to work outcomes

Employee Benefits

  • Reduce lost workdays

  • Improve job satisfaction

  • Reduce unnecessary medical expenses

  • Immediate access to healthcare providers

Clinical Solutions for Every Business

Our Clinical Solutions model is designed to integrate seamlessly into your business. Incorporating established programs alongside customized solutions for your business improves investment from all team members.

With a nationwide network of providers and partnered clinics, Briotix Health is capable of integrating with any business regardless of location. Our expert providers have experience with businesses of every scale and specialization.

Capable of providing complete coverage for employees’ occupational health needs, our on-site model ensures the best outcomes for employees and organizations.

Employee Medical Care

On-site medical care fosters an environment of care with trained clinicians already familiar with employees that greatly exceeds other offerings.

Virtual Triage

Workers have immediate access to 24/7 care via virtual hotlines manned by Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals. Video calls allow providers to more accurately assess any situation that arises.

  • Leveraging the power of video calls, employees are able to call in 24/7 and receive more accurate and up to date information on care and treatment from trained professionals.

  • Reduce OSHA recordables with the assistance of hotlines manned by experts, Industrial Sports Medicine professionals, who work in their field every day and understand the cycle of care.

On-Site New Hire Examinations

Eliminate barriers to testing with on-site providers. Establish goals, create your own schedules, and adjust as needed with certified providers.


Job Requirement Training

  • Using established physical conditioning programs from Briotix Health, provide candidates with the opportunity to prepare for employment.


Ergonomic Evaluations

  • Match essential job functions to required physical abilities for more accurate and safer job placement.


Physical Fitness Exams

  • Easily ascertain the physical abilities of potential candidates and employees returning from injuries with tests such as Post Offer Employment Testing, Fit-For-Duty Testing, or Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Occupational Health Evaluations

Identify potential injuries or illnesses before they impact your employees’ health with regular preventative testing and dependable pre-employment testing. Consistent benchmarking and regulatory tests ensures your company is compliant

and safe.


DOT Drug Screens

  • Compliant testing policies and consistent screenings provided on-site with no need for additional travel.​


Pre-Employment strength and physical

  • Reduce processing and testing time for candidates with onsite testing for
    pre-employment screenings.


Regulatory Exams

  • Stay up-to-date with current regulations and remove barriers to regular testing for employees


Respiratory Fitness

  • Regular respiratory checks ensure employees are maintaining necessary cardiovascular health and screen for known risks.



  • Regular audiograms ensure employees are not at risk for developing hearing loss and identify areas of risk in the workplace.


Tailored testing programs

  • Testing programs for your workplace or areas of risk or concern presented by management.

Health and Wellness Programming

Improve employee health and wellness with general health programming and education built on current best practices.


Nutrition and Weight Loss

  • Specific nutritional advice and information provided by clinicians to employees based on current best practices.


Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Regular screenings and check-ups to identify early warnings signs of chronic conditions for employees.


General Health

  • Recommended and seasonal vaccinations provided by onsite clinicians.

  • Regular physicals provided by clinicians.


Smoking Cessation

  • Information and material support for employees to reduce dangers from tobacco use.

Injury Prevention Services

Utilizing Briotix Health’s proven injury prevention, providers identify high-risk areas in your workplace and work

to implement solutions.


Wearables, Exoskeletons, and Computer Vision

  • Wearable technology and computer vision software transform the way organizations care for their employees with objective data-based analysis and implementation.

    Learn more >


Industrial Sports Medicine™

  • Reduce incident rates and musculoskeletal injuries and disorders with Briotix Health’s Industrial Sports Medicine™.

    Learn more >


Return to Work

  • Return employees to work after an injury or interruption with expert guidance, reducing recordables and costs.

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