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Wearable Technology
and Computer Vision Software Consulting

Discover how wearable technology and computer vision software transform the way organizations care for their employees. Our team of experts is ready to guide you in selecting the perfect solution for your unique needs.

From wearable sensors to cutting-edge exosuits, we specialize in harnessing the latest technology to enhance ergonomics and prevent workplace injuries. Embrace the future of workplace safety and well-being with us.

Our Services Include:

Wearable Sensor Technology

Monitor and track various physical parameters, such as body movement and posture

Computer Vision and Software

Utilize computer-based algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze visual data and extract meaningful insights

Exoskeletons and Exosuits

Deliver real-time mechanical support to the wearer’s limbs and spine with both active and passive movement assistance

Our team is dedicated to helping organizations implement wearable technology and computer vision software to meet their unique needs and improve worker safety and well-being.

These technologies have a range of benefits, including:

Identification and monitoring of high-risk postures and movements


Promotion of individual awareness and improved movement analytics


Improved buy-in from employees and management through demonstration of benefits


Prevention of lost workdays through early injury detection

Improved behavioral change through actionable feedback

Decreased claims costs through injury reduction

Reduction of fatigue from repetitive motions through exosuits or exoskeletons

Decreased ergonomic injuries through monitoring and real-time feedback


Workplace risk assessment through data analysis


Enhanced safety culture through a commitment to worker safety


Improved occupational safety through ergonomic improvement and injury reduction

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