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Briotian Way

At Briotix Health we are all Briotians, we believe in the power of the individual and the power of the team. Together we care for people and build better workplaces.

Our Values Define Who We Are

Communication and Servant Leadership

We are servant leaders skilled in communication. We foster growth both personally and professionally and pride ourselves on effective, genuine, and excellent communication. Input is welcome and valued.

Attention to Detail

We strive to provide high attention to detail both internally and externally. Our team members are fully present, provide their personal best and make quality and sustainability a priority.

Relationships and Integrity

We build strong and lasting relationships amongst each other and the clients we serve. We are honest, attentive, and caring in our everyday actions.

Energy and Innovation

We use our energy to inspire others. We are lifelong partners, and our innovations improve not only our services but the lives of the individuals we serve with.


At Briotix Health, our motto is “Let’s Make it Better”. To us, that means more than just making a healthier workplace for our clients. Guided by our core values, we seek to make it better in everything we do including strengthening underrepresented voices, protecting our earth’s natural resources, and advancing the causes our team members care about.


We believe that to drive progress, we must take targeted action.

We’ve started with these key initiatives:

  • Vendor review and vetting to ensure alignment with sustainable practices

  • Environmental stewardship through company-supported volunteer opportunities

  • Expansion of paid-time-off program to include floating holidays to promote inclusivity of diverse celebrations

  • Promotion of team member-supported non-profit organizations with charitable giving emphasis

  • Continued expansion of remote and hybrid work opportunities to reduce carbon emissions

  • Emphasis on virtual services to reduce corporate travel and lower carbon emissions


We’ve only just begun and will continue to expand current and add new initiatives as we work to make it better.

Belonging at Briotix Health

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is something Briotix Health is passionate about when it comes to the clients we serve, the professionals we hire, and the communities we live and work in. We believe that people from all backgrounds, races, & gender identities are a crucial piece to the work and services we provide. Driving progress to strengthen underrepresented voices means taking targeted action.

We’ve started with these key initiatives:

  • Annual DEI survey to capture the pulse of all employees

  • DEI internal resource hub

  • Education and training standards expanded to include DEI

  • DEI-focused quarterly newsletters

  • Strategic identification of gaps and opportunities for continued organizational solutions

  • Interview questions focused on DEI-identified topics

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Find your place with us

Briotix Health offers a fulfilling work experience by supporting Working Athletes across the country. We pride ourselves in the ability to have a flexible schedule and autonomous work environment giving you the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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