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Industrial Sports Medicine™

Preventing injuries in your workforce

Briotix Health's Industrial Sports Medicine™ solution is proven to effectively decrease the occurrence and expenses associated with musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.


Our team of experts takes a proactive approach to identify and control risk factors in your work environments, significantly reducing the chances of injury and disability among your workforce.

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Benefits to You and Your Employees

Through identification and management of both workplace risks as well as your employees’ personal health risks, day to day difficulties and discomforts are significantly less likely to progress into costly injuries, recordables, and claims.


Our services are delivered on-site and virtually by highly skilled providers with advanced degrees in physical therapy, athletic training, kinesiology, and/or occupational therapy. Our dedicated providers learn the ins and outs of your facility and cultivate strong relationships with your team to ensure unparalleled care and support for your workforce.

Comprehensive Industrial Injury Prevention Services

Our comprehensive range of services can be customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your employees receive the care and support they deserve.

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Early Discomfort Management and Care

Our early intervention program emphasizes early detection of discomfort and physical strain. By addressing discomfort early, you can avoid costly injuries and lost-work days.

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Job-Specific Physical Conditioning

A service designed to help employees improve performance and reduce the risk of

injury by strengthening their bodies through an individualized conditioning and

stretching program.

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Personalized Body Mechanics Coaching

After observing specific job tasks, our providers work with employees in one-on-one

body mechanic coaching sessions to reduce the risk of injury while improving performance.​

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Individual or Group Safety Training

Our dynamic educational training is built around the distinctive needs of your workforce, delivering targeted injury prevention and health-based education.

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Add 24/7 virtual support with PRO Connect

Industrial Sports Medicine™ services don't have to be limited to when your Provider is onsite. In the event of an incident or discomfort at work, PRO Connect gives your employees and staff virtual access to trained occupational health medical providers at any time of day.

Our virtual providers focus on assessing the severity of the situation, providing education on the injury to reduce anxiety and uncertainty, and providing recommendations for next steps and self-care when appropriate. This approach ensures that your employees receive the right level of care for their situation, and that your organization does not accumulate unnecessary OSHA recordables from offsite medical visits.

By addressing incidents immediately, minor injuries do not escalate into larger, more complex issues.

Industrial Ergonomics

Briotix Health Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals provide direct ergonomics support to your employees, reducing the risk of MSD injuries or discomfort with ergonomics and body mechanics coaching.


For larger scale ergonomics projects that are beyond the one-to-one worker level, we offer Industrial Ergonomics services and consulting. These services are designed to identify ergonomic issues and risks associated with jobs and job tasks, deliver objective measures of that risk, and provide risk reduction recommendations at scale.


  • Ergonomic Risk Assessments

  • Site Walk-Throughs

  • Incident Investigation
  • Tool Selection Assessments

  • Establish and Lead Ergonomics Team


Our Providers

Our Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals are the experts you need to stop musculoskeletal discomfort progression in its tracks. The quality of our providers set us apart. They are relationship builders and technical experts with the human touch

who get to know the unique aspects of work tasks and the workers themselves. They are supported with ongoing training

and mentoring.


Our providers are experts in job function, technical task analysis, and have a comprehensive understanding of functional

body movements and discomforts. This ensures we are delivering the best results for employees and employers.

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“I am always quick to recommend our provider to any field rep that has any physical issues, as she has changed the game for me. I would say that I wish she was at my work site on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I could see her more often as this truly does make it easier for me to do my job.”

– Ron W., Employee of a Distribution Client

What Makes Industrial Sports Medicine™ Different

Integrate Behavioral Health Solutions for Holistic Care

Provide a holistic approach to employee physical and emotional well-being when you incorporate behavioral health solutions. Enhance a sense of belonging for all employees, build a resilient workforce with lower absenteeism and presenteeism, and encourage trust and transparency in the workplace.

Virtual and On-Site Support

Regardless of employee location, shift time, or job function, get personalized care with our in-person and virtual services.


Employees have 24/7 access to report discomforts, complete trainings, and learn from

self-help resources through our Briotix.Works portal, Briotix Health app, as well as telephonic nurse triage.

QuickLaunch to Get Your Program Running Sooner

Get your Industrial Sports Medicine™ program off the ground faster with immediate access to our team of certified, experienced industrial injury prevention experts.


While we find the perfect long-term provider for your organization, QuickLaunch delivers a combination of monthly on-site visits with a seasoned provider and off-site program development, to accelerate your program’s success.

Musculoskeletal Screening Tool for Unparalleled Injury Prevention

Briotix Health’s innovative Musculoskeletal Screening Tool is a rapid evaluation tool that delivers baseline insights into your employees’ musculoskeletal health. These insights inform Briotix Health providers of which employees need additional support to avoid injury. This data-driven approach allows for unparalleled customization in your injury prevention program.

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“I had trigger finger acting up from the amount of typing I have been exposed to. The provider gave me some stretching and self-care ideas to help with the trigger finger. She walked me through the stretches. This solved the problem. I saved time off work, saved money from the doctor, and was educated on how to prevent this in the future. Having a trainer on site saved both me and the company financial resources and kept me in a healthy and safe condition.”

– Jessica T., Employee of a Utility Client

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Our Reach

Briotix Health has an extensive nationwide provider network of onsite providers who are subject-matter experts in body mechanics and injury risk reduction.

Contact Us Today for Your Injury Prevention Needs:

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