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Simple, effective ergonomics program management software

ErgoPlus Industrial is cloud-based ergonomics software that provides all the critical infrastructure you need to execute a best-in-class ergonomics process that keeps your team feeling and performing their best.

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All-in-one ergonomics software for effective, efficient program management

ErgoPlus Industrial Software makes managing ergonomic workflows easy and intuitive, with premium features established on best practices for the modern workplace.

With on-demand trainings, AI-powered motion-capture assessment tools, and scalable solutions, ErgoPlus Industrial is a comprehensive software that supports every stage of your ergonomic goals and objectives.

Train Your Team

Measure Progress

Assess Risk

Manage Discomfort

Plan Improvements

Scale Solutions

With ErgoPlus Industrial, you can get expert support every step of the way

There is a lot more to implementing a successful ergonomics program that just using the right tools. Our ErgoLaunch option provides you with expert support to implement and maintain a successful ergonomics program, saving you time and resources.

This is what the ErgoLaunch process looks like:

1. Custom Ergonomics Program Strategy

The first step of an ErgoLaunch is to perform a "gap analysis" of your current ergonomics program. We will use this analysis to develop a thorough program strategy for you that is aligned to your unique circumstances and goals.

4. Superior Operating System

The ErgoPlus Industrial software guides your team through the entire process of making workplace improvements, making your program easier to manage and sustain long-term.

2. Build Your Knowledge

Next, build your ergonomics team leaders' foundational knowledge with the online training modules available inside ErgoPlus Industrial. This step ensures your team is ready to get the most out of your two-day ErgoLaunch event that will follow.

5. Expert Follow-Up

You're not on your own as you get started. Our team checks in with yours regularly as you start implementing your ergonomics program strategy and making improvements. 

3. Onsite Skills Training

During a three-day ErgoLaunch event, Briotix Health Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals will come to your worksite to work alongside your team for hands-on training on how to use every function of ErgoPlus Industrial to the fullest.

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Schedule a Demo of ErgoPlus Industrial Software

See if ErgoPlus Industrial is the right solution for you to improve your ergonomics program management and results.

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ErgoPlus is part of the Briotix Health family of brands. Learn more on the ErgoPlus website!

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