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Preventing Injuries in
Your Workforce


You face tough questions. “Who can safely and reliably perform which jobs?” “How can I be sure?” The hiring process requires compliance with multiple regulations, so implementing legally defensible testing consistently is critical. And when testing is performed, how can you be sure the data is objective and reliable?

Hire better with Briotix Health.

Our innovative hardware and software solutions make a difference. So does industry-leading clinical and operational expertise. Backed by the most advanced testing and objective decision support, Briotix Health can help you hire with confidence and reduce injury rates by 50% or more.

Your People Are Worth It

Join the growing number of employers taking an active role in ensuring that their workers can safely perform their jobs and return to work from injuries more safely. Partner with experts in Post Offer Employment Testing, Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Fit-for-Duty Testing.

The Premium Brand in Functional Evaluation for Over Forty Years

What’s the point of testing if it doesn’t accurately and reliably prevent you from hiring your next injury?


Other testing providers’ subjective methods can only deliver minimal fail rates – leaving you on your own, to gamble on hiring your next injury. This yields poor return on investment and limited injury reduction. Briotix Health gives you optimal, reliable fail rates because our objective testing is fine-tuned to reliably detect your next injury before it becomes a problem for you.

Our network of trained clinical specialists perform your testing consistently, throughout the United States and Canada, with support from centralized Briotix Health administration.


Functional Employment Testing Post Offer Employment Testing

Preventing Injuries in Your Workforce

Use Functional Employment Testing Post Offer Employment Testing programs (POET) to evaluate your job candidates after a job offer but before they start working. Briotix Health assesses their physical abilities to help

you hire candidates who are physically equipped for the job tasks, identify risk factors that can lead to injury or

poor performance, and improve your workforce's overall performance and safety, all while maximizing your

return on investment.

The major benefit of POET is to hire someone who can handle the physical abilities of the job. Maybe rethink the phrasing of "best candidate" for the job to include something about the person being able to handle the physical demands since we don't measure beyond the physical.

Benefits of a Functional Employment Testing POET Program

Improved Job Performance

Improved Job Performance

Our Functional Employment Testing POET programs can help employers identify candidates who are best suited for the physical demands of the job and are more likely to perform well.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Our systems help with musculoskeletal injury prevention and reducing workers’ compensation claims costs, physical therapy costs, lost productivity, and the costs associated with recruiting and training new hires.

Reduced Turnover

Reduced Turnover

We help identify candidates who are a good fit for the job, POET can help reduce the likelihood of turnover and create a culture of wellness.


Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

We help employers comply with laws and regulations related to job descriptions and hiring, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and 

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Lower Absenteeism

Lower Absenteeism

Functional Employment Testing POETs can help identify candidates who are less likely to be absent from work due to physical or mental health issues.

More Informed Hiring Decisions

More Informed Hiring Decisions

Functional Employment Testing POETs can help employers improve their hiring process by providing additional information about the prospective employee beyond what is provided on their resumes or during interviews. 

Increase Safety in the Workplace

Increased Safety on the Job

Functional Employment Testing POETs help identify candidates who cannot safely complete essential job functions reducing the risk of injury and improving overall safety.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Safely Return Injured Employees to Work

Are you ready to return your employees to work after an injury or illness?

Briotix Health's Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) can determine an injured employee's abilities, readiness, and any necessary accommodations for a triumphant return to work.


FCEs include tests of strength, endurance, range of motion, and other physical and cognitive skills. 

The results of our evaluations are used to:


Determine an individual's ability to return to work while identifying ongoing impairments.


Ensure a safe and effective return to work with Briotix Health's FCE solutions. Our evaluations determine physical and cognitive abilities, informing return-to-work readiness and necessary accommodations, such as ergonomic modifications, for a sustained return. Trust us to help you get back to work with confidence.


Make accommodations in the workplace to ensure the individual can perform their job effectively and safely


After an injury or illness, individuals must have the necessary support and resources to perform their job effectively and safely. Our FCEs provide informed recommendations for accommodations, such as ergonomic modifications or job duty changes, to ensure a sustainable return to work. Let us help you perform your job safely and promote your continued rehabilitation and recovery.


Establish a baseline of medical information that can be utilized for ongoing rehabilitation, if necessary.


Track your rehabilitation and recovery progress with Briotix Health's Functional Capacity Evaluations. Our FCE solutions provide a baseline of physical and cognitive abilities, helping to inform and modify rehabilitation plans. Share results with healthcare providers for informed treatment and monitor progress for a full recovery with the necessary support.

Decades of Experience and Our Results Speak for Themselves

Our team of experts has provided thousands of accurate and comprehensive evaluations across various industries to help individuals get back to work as quickly and safely as possible.


Returning to work after an injury or illness can be challenging. Our customized yet repeatable solutions simplify and automate the process for you.


Don't wait any longer. Connect with one of our Solutions Advisors to determine if Functional Capacity Evaluations suit your company. 


Fit-for-Duty Testing

Objectively Assessing a Worker's Physical Abilities

Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is a business necessity for employers in industries

such as construction, transportation, and manufacturing. That's why our Functional Employment Testing 

Fit-For-Duty Testing has become an essential occupational health tool for companies across the

country to assess an individual's physical ability to perform their job duties.

Fit-For-Duty Testing, also known as FFD, is a comprehensive evaluation that assesses an individual's ability to perform the physical job demands, as written in their job description, safely and efficiently. They differ from Post-Offer Employment Testing as they are frequently used as a part of Return-to-Work processes when paired with medical examinations after an injury.

Unlock the Benefits of Fit-for-Duty Testing

By conducting FFD evaluations, both employers and employees will reap benefits. From improved safety to increased productivity, our FFD Testing offers a wealth of advantages, including:



We ensure that your employees are physically capable of safelyperforming their job duties and essential functions of the job.


Injury Risk

Our services identify any physical demands or impairment that could increase the risk of injury on the job and aid in the search for reasonable accommodations.


Boosted Productivity

Functional Employment Testing's Fit-For-Duty testing helps your workplace become 

more efficient and productive with more physically fit employees.


Compliance with Regulation

Some industries and jobs are regulated and require fit-for-duty testing to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Step into the Comprehensive Functional Employment Testing Process of an FFD Exam

Our Fit-For-Duty assessment process is thorough and includes the following steps:


Preparation: Employees may complete a health questionnaire, medical history
form, and questions about their specific job before the test.


Testing Implementation: Our team of seasoned testing experts performs job-
related physical evaluations using validated testing protocols.


Results and Interpretation: All results are interpreted by a Functional Employment Testing clinician to determine the employee's ability to perform their job tasks safely

and efficiently.

Privacy Matters in Fit-For-Duty Testing
Ensuring employee privacy and confidentiality is a top priority for Functional Employment

Testing FFD examinations.
Employers must keep test results confidential while protecting employee privacy,
medical records, and general medical information. We take that seriously.


Elevate Your Workplace with Fit-for-Duty Testing

Fit-For-Duty Testing is a necessary and valuable tool that provides objective evidence and promotes a safe and healthy work environment, improved job performance, and decreased work-related injuries, workers’ compensation and healthcare costs, medical leave, and physician referrals.

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