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Employment Testing

Preventing Injuries in Your Workforce

You face tough questions. “Who can safely and reliably perform which jobs?” “How can I be sure?” The hiring process requires compliance with multiple regulations, so implementing legally defensible testing consistently is critical. And when testing is performed, how can you be sure the data is objective and reliable?

Hire better with Briotix Health.

Our innovative hardware and software solutions make a difference. So does industry-leading clinical and operational expertise. Backed by the most advanced testing and objective decision support, Briotix Health can help you hire with confidence and reduce injury rates by 50% or more.

Your People Are Worth It

Join the growing number of employers taking an active role in ensuring that their workers can safely perform their jobs and return to work from injuries more safely. Partner with experts in Post Offer Employment Testing, Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Fit-for-Duty Testing.


The Premium Brand in Functional Evaluation for Over Forty Years

What’s the point of testing if it doesn’t accurately and reliably prevent you from hiring your next injury?


Other testing providers’ subjective methods can only deliver minimal fail rates – leaving you on your own, to gamble on hiring your next injury. This yields poor return on investment and limited injury reduction. Briotix Health gives you optimal, reliable fail rates because our objective testing is fine-tuned to reliably detect your next injury before it becomes a problem for you.

Our network of trained clinical specialists perform your testing consistently, throughout the United States and Canada, with support from centralized Briotix Health administration.


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Here's a Free Safety Inspection Checklist. Really, it's free. Use it to keep your employees safe.

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