Ergonomic Assessments and Ergonomic Evaluations from Certified Local Ergonomic Consultants


We are a national team of certified ergonomists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. We offer ergonomic evaluations and workstation safety and risk reviews for local to global businesses.  Based in the United States, we offer global reach with technology-enabled services and dedicated therapists in international locations.

We provide tailored evaluations based on industries and specific jobs. An ergonomist from Briotix Health will meet privately with each individual in their designated work space. Ergonomic assessment goals include:

  • Improving  the individual’s current workstation orientation and postures through on-the-spot changes
  • Educating the individual on neutral ergonomic postures and opportunities to self-correct
  • Identifying ergonomic risk factors and red flags
  • Collecting data regarding comfort/discomfort status and work tasks & general work habits

At the close of the assessment, the ergonomist will have collected necessary data for report generation, be it a formal write up or a brief synopsis.

Available Assessments & Ergonomics Programs

Sweep-Style Evaluations

These assessments are an economical, concise, and effective option to controlling workplace-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Our trained ergonomists spend time with each employee and make “on the spot” changes to posture and equipment placement.  This also includes a thorough review of the employee’s chair and all the adjustability features.

Sweep-style evaluations are best suited to symptom-free workers and those considered being at low MSD risk. They have proven useful for:

  • Health & safety or wellness initiatives
  • New hire orientations (scheduled at determined intervals)
  • Office equipment upgrades
  • Workspace or workstation renovations
  • Relocation to new facilities

These assessments are a great tool for sweeping large groups of employees and are often provided in conjunction with a lunch and learn seminar.

There is a 4-hour minimum with this package.

  • 1:1 twenty minute assessment with certified ergonomist
  • Abbreviated Written Recommendations Provided plus spread sheet of equipment needs (when equipment recommendation is not preferred we will work with what you have)
  • 3 employees / hour / evaluator & scheduled in consecutive intervals
  • 4 hour minimum
  • Often paired with Ergo 101 Lunch & Learn Training

Protective Ergonomic Assessments – Standard Onsite Risk Assessment

This is a more comprehensive evaluation. These workstation assessments are ideal for workers with symptoms, involved in physical and occupational therapy, and those who work in high-risk jobs (such as data entry, materials handling, jobs with heavy or strenuous lifting).

As part of the evaluation process, Briotix Health will provide a detailed report of the overall ergonomic working conditions and work areas. The report will also include any changes made to the workstations and recommendations for future modifications.

  • 1:1 consultation by ergonomist
  • Summary Report with recommendations & Links
  • 1.3 employees evaluated per hour onsite
  • Off-Site Report Generation

ErgoMED – Post Claim Ergonomic Intervention Risk Analysis
{Workers’ Compensation RULA & Adjuster Required Documentation}

ErgoMED Post Claim Ergonomic Intervention – ErgoMED evaluations are intended for those individuals who have a reported workers’ compensation or disability claim, require return-to-work assistance, have a physician’s prescription for ergonomic remedies, and/or require assistance reducing occupational or non-occupational ergonomic risks.

ErgoMED incorporates all the components of  the protective ergonomic assessment, but incorporate these additional components as requested:

  • Objective risk scoring
  • Symptom tracking
  • Follow up assessments to ensure compliance and symptom resolution

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