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Office Health
and Ergonomics

Optimize Employee Comfort and Engagement


Briotix Health’s Office Health and Ergonomics solution is built to help you optimize employee comfort and engagement.


Using next-generation technology, our office ergonomics software solution combines employee driven self-service tools with virtual and onsite assessments, professional support, and on-demand training.

With our program, companies get more than just an ergonomic assessment - they get a highly-effective engagement tool that empowers employees while identifying and managing risk and employee support needs.

Ergonomic Software Solution

Briotix Health offers next-generation office ergonomic technology. This workflow management, employee self-help, and real-time reporting tool is thoughtfully designed to meet your needs, no matter the industry, work environment, or company size.

The fully customizable ergonomics tool allows employers to instantly reach an entire workforce and empower employees with self-guided solutions, as well as access to immediate support, and virtual or onsite ergonomic assessments, as needed.

Our Ergonomic Software Solution Offers:


Self-Assessment Tools


On-Demand Training and Education


24/7 Ergonomic

Support Chat



Decision Making


Access to Virtual or Onsite Assessments


Support for Office, Hybrid, and Home-Based Workers

Ergonomics Program Management

If you prefer, Briotix Health ergonomic software solution can be managed in-house by your current teams. We can participate in management activities at your discretion, or, if you would like, we can manage your program from top to bottom.


Briotix Health’s expert program managers are seasoned in large enterprise global program management to ensure your specific program objectives and staffing needs are met.


Our providers get to know your work and the ergonomic risk associated with specific tasks. They engage in personalized ergonomic and biomechanics education, customized for the unique needs of the employee and the tasks associated with his or her position.

Your Ergonomic Expert Will:


Ensure the accuracy of your organization's workflows and approved recommendations


Schedule assessments with employees per your organization's policies and procedures


Manage ergonomic tickets within your system


Serve as a resource for you and your employees regarding ergonomic needs, such as reporting, equipment, assessments, and general questions

Virtual and Onsite Ergonomic Assessments

Briotix Health’s virtual and onsite ergonomic assessments can be used in combination with your ergonomic software program or separately, depending on your needs. Whether delivered virtually or onsite for your office, home-based, or hybrid workers, our ergonomic risk assessments include:


Review of employee’s workspace to identify risks with workspace set-up via in-person or live web meeting


Immediate feedback on adjustments to improve employee biomechanics and comfort

Identification of tools, equipment, and space modifications necessary for further improvement


Production of comprehensive documentation and ordering instructions (if applicable)

Helpful Resources

Success Story






Check out this free Desk Set-Up Diagram. Really, it’s free. Use it to ensure your workspace is ergo friendly and productive.

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