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Briotix.Works Ergonomic Software

Reach your entire workforce with ergonomic technology, virtual ergonomic assessments and virtual solutions for a workforce of one or thousands.

Our technology enabled services enhance onsite and off site solutions for your workforce in both the office and industrial environments.  Contact us for a demo and to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals of fewer injuries, safer working environments, accommodations and return to work assistance.

Our virtual wellness platform and workflow management tool, Briotix.Works was intentionally designed to meet the needs of our clients, but was also committed to recognizing our customer’s uniqueness. Briotix.Works offers you a customized platform to your specifications. With this program, employers can create the exact environment and workflow they want their employees to experience.

Since the launch of Briotix.Works, companies have seen an increased number of employees participating in education and early intervention initiatives, a significantly higher claim resolution rate, and a decrease in employees filling follow-up claims, which has resulted in money saved for the company.

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To learn more about Briotix.Works and how you too can commit to your uniqueness with our customizable, virtual workflow management tool, submit a request for your complimentary demo and review of solutions that would work for your business.