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Reach your entire workforce and empower employees with ergonomic technology, virtual ergonomic assessments and virtual solutions for a workforce of one or thousands.

bxpro-technologyBxPro Office and BxPro Industry are virtual wellness platforms and workflow management tools intentionally designed to meet the needs of our clients, no matter the company’s industry, work environment, or size. This fully-customizable solution can be designed to meet your organization’s specifications to help you reach your goals of fewer injuries, safer working environments, and return-to-work assistance.

BxPro technology-enabled services enhance onsite and offsite solutions for your workforce in both an office and industrial setting. Through this ergonomics program, employers can create the exact environment and workflow they want their employees to experience while providing management with real-time data to make strategic decisions regarding safety and resource decisions.

With this dynamic platform, companies can experience employee participation in early intervention initiatives, higher claim resolution rates, and decreased workers’ compensation costs.

Ergonomics Software That Meets Your Needs

No matter the size of your workforce, BxPro software can easily reach all of your employees with industry-leading ergonomic technology, virtual ergonomic assessments, ergonomics data, and digital solutions.

Ergonomic Risk Assessment Software

Briotix Health is the world-wide leader in virtual ergonomic intervention. Our proven assessment methods and virtual intervention approach return long-lasting outcomes that improve employee health and working conditions and reduce workplace injuries. Our virtual risk assessments include:

  • Review of employee’s work space to identify risks with workspace set-up via live web meeting
  • Provide immediate feedback on adjustments to improve employee biomechanics and comfort
  • Identify tools, equipment, and space modifications necessary for further improvement
  • Produce comprehensive documentation and ordering instructions (if applicable)

Other Great Ergonomics Features

With BxPro, you get more than just virtual assessments to identify risks within the workplace. BxPro not only offers on-demand support to employees for their specific jobs to correct their physical environment and reduce risk, but the program also provides on-going education and training to help modify their personal habits to have a greater impact on injury prevention.

Employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from the integration of BxPro. The virtual ergonomic solution offers management access to real-time data in the form of assessments and customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which can be used to make strategic and data-driven decisions. With BxPro, companies can create as many KPIs as needed to accurately assess the progress of their injury prevention goals.

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The Briotix.Works platform offers:

  • Ergonomic Assessment Requests
  • Ergo Help Desk
  • Program FAQs
  • Performance Data
  • Program Integration
  • On-Demand Training and Education with Access to Content Libraries and Solution Knowledge Bases
  • Ergo Support Chat

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