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MSD Prevention ROI Calculator

This tool uses the information you provide to calculate the estimated cost savings you can expect when implementing our Industrial Sports Medicine™. This information is based on real-world employer data of the direct and indirect costs of MSDs and the average reduction of MSDs acheived by the Briotix Health Industrial Sports Medicine™ solution.

How to Calculate your Input Data

Average Number of Annual MSD Recordables

There are multiple ways to find (or accurately estimate) your average annual MSD recordable data:

  • Average of last 3 years

  • Total of last 12 months

  • Estimate based on current trends

Average Treatment
Cost Per MSD

Use your annual treatment cost divided by your annual number of recordables.


If you do not know your average treatment cost, use the default value. The default value ($30,487) is based on OSHA Safety Pays Estimator direct cost of a single strain injury.

Indirect Cost

Unless you know that your organization is more or less impacted by indirect costs of MSDs than most, we recommend using the average estimate.

  • Conservative estimate: 1x direct costs

  • Average estimate: 2x direct costs

  • High estimate: 4x direct costs

If you would like assistance creating an ROI estimation based on all of your unique organization circumstances, please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to see what MSD injury prevention can do for you.

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Prevent MSDs with a comprehensive Industrial Sports Medicine™solution!

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