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Onsite Physical Therapy


Onsite physical therapy offers immediate intervention, job-specific education, and improved physical capabilities for injured employees, leading to faster recovery, reduced risk of re-injury, and improved confidence for a successful return to work.

The benefits of improved employee morale, job satisfaction, and productivity will outweigh the cost of caring for one employee.

Why Briotix Health Onsite Physical Therapy:


Time and Transportation

Accessible and convenient for employees, as it is located in the workplace and eliminates the need for additional travel.



Cost-effective for both the employer and employee, as it eliminates the overhead costs of a physical clinic and may reduce the need for multiple sessions.


Personalized Care

Provides personalized care and attention, as the therapist can assess and treat the employee in their work environment and specific job tasks.



Frequent opportunities for direct communication and collaboration between the therapist, employee, and employer, which can lead to faster recovery and improved outcomes.



Takes place in the familiar and comfortable setting of the workplace, which can be less intimidating and more inviting for employees.

Onsite Rehabilitation for Workers' Compensation Claims

For all parties involved in workers' compensation and disability management, including claims administrators, employers, physicians, and injured employees, the main focus is on recovery and controlling costs. Briotix Health's extensive and diverse client base in these industries showcases our ability to improve worker health and drive return-to-work outcomes, ultimately controlling costs throughout the system.


Minimize Costs

The structure of our onsite physical therapy differs from traditional clinics, as we eliminate the overhead costs associated with physical locations, enabling us to offer more cost-effective physical therapy services.


Job Function

Briotix Health’s onsite providers can incorporate specific work functions into treatment from day one. This ensures that functional restoration is baked into the rehabilitation process and delivers optimal results.


Engage Workers

Being onsite allows Briotix Health providers to engage workers at the point of risk or injury. Our processes uncover workplace and behavioral risks that will impair recovery or drive injuries in the first place.

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