Ergonomic Treatment, Evaluation & Injury Prevention

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, work-related injuries and accidents cost U.S. companies more than $62 billion dollars each year. Of those, more than one-third of are considered musculoskeletal disorders and are completely preventable. Through the implementation of a comprehensive injury prevention and rehabilitation program with an onsite physical therapist, companies can improve employee health, increase productivity, and decrease workers’ compensation costs.

The Role of Ergonomics in Physical Therapy

Ergonomics is the science of human engineering and when applied to the workplace, implementing correct ergonomic principles can ensure a company’s work conditions and demands are in sync with the capabilities of employees. When companies do not align their tasks with ergonomic principles, they often experience significant lost work days due to injuries, along with an increase in OSHA and workers’ compensation claims.

Briotix physical therapists are trained to understand the science of ergonomics with the ability to evaluate your worksite for ergonomic risks. After identifying those risks, our physical therapists then offer solutions to address those risks to reduce injuries, OSHA-recordables, and workers’ compensation claims. In the event an injury does occur, Briotix physical therapists provide job function solutions, which get employees back to work sooner and reduce the risks of repeat injuries.

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The Importance of Physical Therapy in Injury Prevention and Employee Wellness

A comprehensive injury prevention and employee wellness can have a major impact on not only employee health but also a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. A effective injury prevention and wellness program reduces employee injuries, improves productivity and decreases worker’s compensation costs.

A major component to a successful injury prevention program is the presence of an onsite physical therapist. The benefits of an onsite physical therapy include but are not limited to:

Support You Can Trust

When a Briotix provider is onsite consistently, visiting with employees, offering trainings, and helping with targeted solutions, a relationship is established. Once this relationship is built and trust established, employees are more open about injuries and more likely to implement the solutions suggested improving their overall wellness and decreasing the risk of injury.

Risk Prevention and Identification Prior to Injury and Claim

Briotix onsite providers consistently identify workplace and behavioral risks which can lead to injury and workers’ compensation claims. By identifying the risks prior to injury, we provide solutions that can prevent injuries from occurring in the workplace. Based on field research, we know that with Briotix onsite early symptom intervention, more than 94% of symptoms do not escalate to a claim.

Customized Trainings/Education

Given Briotix onsite physical therapists are in your facilities regularly, they learn exactly what is required of your employees. We then create customized trainings and applications that directly address those needs to improve employee health and wellness.

OnSite Physical Therapy Ergonomic Consultants

Offering onsite physical therapy is not only easier for employees seeking therapy, but is also more effective and efficient for the employer.

Job Function Applications

When an employee uses Briotix onsite therapy, the plan and management of that injury is completely unique to him or her. With our solution, Briotix onsite providers are able to incorporate specific work function into treatment from day one. This ensures that functional restoration is baked into the rehabilitation process and delivers optimal results.

Reduced Costs

Field research indicates that employees who use Briotix onsite physical therapy have 61% fever visits and 70% lower costs when compared to traditional physical therapy. This is because our Prevention Specialists create personalized therapy the teaches the employee how to continue therapy outside of sessions and reduce their personal risk factors.

Improved Communication

With the Briotix onsite model, open lines of communication are created:

  • The injured employee and Briotix provider openly communicate forming a team to ensure efficient recovery.
  • The Briotix provider provides frequent updates to company management with regards to process and necessary job modifications.

Increased Employee Engagement

Being onsite allows Briotix providers to engage workers at the point of risk or injury. Our processes uncover workplace and behavioral risks that will impair recovery or drive injuries in the first place. Once we learn of these risks, we create targeted solutions to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Decreased Risk of Re-injury

One of the biggest fears upon a worker’s return to work is the increased risk for repeat injuries. On-site physical therapy is an excellent way to reduce those risks because our Prevention Specialists customize the therapy to teach individual workers how to complete their tasks in a safer manner.

onsite injury prevention

On-Site Injury Prevention

Our On-Site Prevention Specialists are the experts you need to stop injury progression in its tracks. Including Early Symptom I Intervention, a service emphasizing early detection of discomfort and physical strain. Tactics are personalized to each employee and focus on job coaching.

We also offer Industrial Athlete Coaching, a service designed to prevent the progression of physical issues and erosion in productivity via group bio-mechanical intervention, support with physical conditioning and manual material handling best practice coaching.

Additional services include: Job Analysis (JA), Job Hazard Analysis, Team Training, Post-Offer Testing, Return to Work Job Coaching and Wellness Programming.

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on-site ergo services

On-Site Ergonomic Assessment

Briotix offers a variety of ergonomic assessments to fit your employee needs. Ranging from ADA to standard discomfort support to wellness based assessment services.

Lunch-n-Learn and topical trainings on movement back health, stretching for work, ergo 101, ergonomics for managers, and more are available from our health and safety consultants, certified ergonomists, physical therapists and occupational therapists worldwide.

We offer proactive ergo sweeps & move in support targeting departments & floors. These mini quick assessments are an effective, economical way to increase program reach.

on-site rehabilitation

On-Site Rehabilitation

We are leading providers of onsite occupational therapy and rehabilitation services including onsite treatment, return to work support, and stay at work job coaching.
These services are provided onsite at your facility in a designated location, significantly reducing time off the clock and improve participation.

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