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Physical Demands
Analysis and Job
Analysis Services

Increasing Workforce Safety

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Want to elevate the health, safety, and productivity of your workforce? Look no further than our Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) and Job Analysis services. Our team of experts will help you uncover the exact physical demands of a job or task, providing crucial information for both employers and employees.

The Benefits of Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) and Job Analysis (JA):


Job Design

 Our PDA and JA services provide vital information about the functions of the job for informed and effective job design, increasing efficiency and productivity.



PDAs and JAs assist organizations in complying with ADA and OSHA regulations, avoiding penalties and legal action.



By understanding the physical demands of the job, our PDA and JA services shed light on areas of ergonomic improvement that would decrease injury risk and enhance employee comfort.


Improved Health, Safety, and Well-being

Our services promote a safe and healthy workplace by identifying and mitigating physical hazards, boosting employee morale, and reducing turnover.



PDAs and JAs can quantify potential hazards and risk factors associated with specific job tasks, allowing organizations to prevent incidence of injured workers, and workers' compensation claims, proactively.


Cost Savings

Implementing the findings and recommendations from a job analysis and physical demands analysis can result in cost savings from reduced turnover and lower workers' compensation costs.


Worker Selection

PDAs and JAs help determine the physical requirements for a job, empowering organizations to make informed hiring decisions and match new employees with appropriate roles.

Physical Demands Analysis

A thorough evaluation of the essential job functions

Identifies the essential tasks of a particular job necessary for safe job performance

Matches job position demands with worker capabilities

Guides in creating ergonomic solutions, workstation modifications, and injury prevention programs

Useful for pre-employment screenings, injury prevention, occupational health, and return-to-work programs

Job Analysis

A comprehensive examination of job duties and responsibilities

Determines necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics

Supports specific job description development, employee selection, training, performance evaluation, and compensation decisions

Meets human resources compliance requirements, facilitates workforce planning, and enhances career development

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