Cisco Empower Employees with Briotix.Works to Reduce Individual Ergonomic Risk 

Download our free case study to learn how the global technology provider implemented our Office Health & Office Solution to identify and reduce ergonomic discomforts and injury while decreasing equipment spending.

Retail Corporation Addresses Spiking Claims with Safety Audit 

Download our free case study to learn how one retail company who used a Briotix Health safety audit to expose organizational safety risk and increase OSHA compliance.

Large Utility Company Reduces Average Workers’ Comp Claim Cost by 40%

Download our free case study to learn how the utility company addressed a steep rise in workers’ compensation claims and healthcare costs with the Briotix Health Industrial Sports Medicine solution.

Outdoor Goods Manufacturer Reduces Average Claim Cost by 68% and Incidence by 76% with POET.

Download our free case study to learn how one manufacturing company addressed ballooning musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) rates and workers’ compensation claim costs by implementing a BTE POET program.


Detention Center Reduces Foot-Related Workers’ Compensation Claims by 72%

Due to the physical nature of the work, a large, county detention center was experiencing increasing workers’ compensation claims associated with foot injuries. Download this case study to learn how Briotix Health’s customized solution resulted in a 72% reduction in foot-related workers’ compensation claims.

Manufacturing & Distribution Plant Decreased Group Health Medical Expenses by 40% in One Year

A mid-sized manufacturing and distribution plant was suffering from rising medical costs and experiencing significantly higher musculoskeletal injury rates when compared to industry averages. Download this case study to learn how the manufacturing company reduced group health medical costs with the Briotix Health Industrial Sports Medicine solution.

National Manufacturer Experiences 67% Lower Injury Rate with Post Offer Employment Testing

An outdoor equipment manufacturer was spending millions on workers’ compensation claims despite applying best-practice safety protocols in their facilities. Upon evaluation, management realized many of the claims were coming from new hire employees. Download our free case study to learn how the company worked with Briotix Health to address claims by improving and standardizing the company hiring process with POET.

Distribution Center Decreases Unhealthy Movement with Wearable Technology Program

Employees at a worldwide beverage distributor were reporting discomfort associated with bending and twisting at unsafe angles. To evaluate awkward bending work tasks and develop a strategy to reduce the frequency of those risky movements, a comprehensive wearable technology solution was implemented. Download our free case study to learn how Briotix Health’s program resulted in a 34% decrease in unsafe body angles and postures.

Heavy Manufacturer Reduces MSD Injuries by 100% with ISM Solution

A heavy manufacturing company was suffering from a high work-related musculoskeletal injury rate over the course of four years with ergonomic
injuries representing 35% of their lost workdays.  Download our free case study to learn about how Briotix Health’s four-part approach, known as PIES, addressed team member musculoskeletal injuries and reduced company MSD injury rates.

Upscale Hotel Reduces Workers’ Compensation Costs by 65% 

An upscale, international hotel was exceeding the national average of workers’ compensation claims per 100 employees substantially and trending in the wrong direction. Briotix Health worked with hotel management to develop a customized job coaching, ergonomic risk reduction, and education program that targeted the exact needs of hotel employees. Download the case study to learn how the program resulted in a 65% reduction in claims costs.