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Welcome From Our CEO

Stephen Brown provides an overview of how Briotix can help your organization through ergonomics and injury prevention.



State of Ergonomics Webinar

Register and view the full webinar with Briotix and Aon on The State of Ergonomics – key findings and solutions from an industry practice survey here.


Workforce Performance Solutions

MSDs result in nearly $54 billion in lost work time and worker’s compensation costs and account for 62% of all claims.  What can be done to improve these statistics and create a healthier workforce?  Gain insights as Bob Patterson, our Executive Vice President and Co-Founder discusses solutions.


Ergozombies Project

Helping Cisco reach their global workforce and promote a health work day with reminders to stretch and take frequent breaks.


Win Your Day

Michael Sloan from Briotix, submitted this video to HFES