Corporate Volunteerism in the COVID-19 Era

Volunteering is a purposeful and popular way to engage employees while helping our community.  However, in the current social distancing era, companies are searching for ways to impact their community while keeping their employees and the larger population safe.



Disability Management in the COVID-19 Era 

This year has demanded constant adaptation to changing needs and expectations of employers nationwide. Are you prepared to guide your workforce through this crisis and into a new era of ADA, FMLA and disability management?


COVID-19: Implications for Safely Managing Your Workforce

With NIOSH, OSHA, the CDC and EEOC’s constant revised guidance on re-opening guidelines, this interactive webinar brings two experts together to discuss the latest information on re-opening best practices.

Preparing Your Workforce for a Safe and Successful Re-Entry to their Work Environment

A free, educational webinar to help managers and company decision-makers understand the physical and mental deconditioning process including the effects of employee inactivity and the dangers of not preparing your workforce for their re-entry to the work environment. To learn more about the deconditioning process and recommendations for how to help your workers return to the workplace successfully. 

Making Virtual a Reality: Office Ergonomics in the Post COVID-19 Workplace

For companies who are considering a semi-permanent or permanent work-from-home workforce, technology will be key to success. Leveraging virtual environments will emerge as a big piece of this technology management along with managing new considerations for employee health, wellness, and productivity.

Acknowledging and Managing Your Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For those interested in learning more about acknowledging and coping with that stress, Briotix Health is offering a free 30-minute webinar in which our mental health expert will outline how to address stress healthily to achieve mental clarity and improve overall health.

How to Set-up Your Temporary Home Office to Avoid Muscle Aches and Discomfort

Research suggests that 72% of office workers spend at least 6 hours per day at their desks. This amount of time can lead to musculoskeletal aches and discomforts. Ensuring your workspace is set up in an ergonomically correct manner can help avoid potential musculoskeletal injuries to your back, neck, and wrists.

What’s The Big Deal About PDAs? Aren’t Those Just Long Job Descriptions? 

If you’re looking to improve candidate hiring, risk and safety measures, and/or return-to-work protocols, this free webinar download will provide you with a detailed analysis of how an effective PDA can impact all of those procedures within your organization. We had an issue with the recording and have provided the presentation below.

What is POET and How Will it Save My Company Money? 

In this free webinar you will learn what exactly POET testing consists of and how your company can implement a legally-complaint physical abilities test to reduce the number and severity of work-related injuries. 

The Hidden Costs of Musculoskeletal Injuries: 5 ways to reduce your Workers’ Comp costs in 2020 

This free webinar provides you with practical, hands-on tips to reducing the number of musculoskeletal-related workers’ compensation claims your company experiences in 2020. 

Workforce Performance Solutions

MSDs result in nearly $54 billion in lost work time and worker’s compensation costs and account for 62% of all claims.  What can be done to improve these statistics and create a healthier workforce?  Gain insights as Bob Patterson, our Executive Vice President and Co-Founder discusses solutions.


Ergozombies Project

Helping Cisco reach their global workforce and promote a health work day with reminders to stretch and take frequent breaks.