Even one employee absent from work is disruptive to the workplace resulting in costly lost productivity and a burden on coworkers. That’s why focusing on keeping employees safe at their jobs and returning others to work is important. The success an employer has at helping their employee stay at work or return to work is largely dependent on early and skilled intervention and innovative accommodation.


Briotix Health Return to Work (RTW) services have assisted employers and their workforce achieve optimum work conditions, health, productivity, and administration for over 20 years. We recognize that in this varied field, employers and their workforce need tailored solutions proven effective in getting workers healthier and back to work sooner.

Our RTW solutions include:
• Onsite Disability Duration Management
• Graduated Return to Work Programs
• Accommodations Consulting
• Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)
• Return to Work Job Coaching
• ErgoMED
• BTE Functional Capacity Testing (FCE)
• BTE Fit-for-Duty Testing (FFD)

By blending Briotix Health Return to Work services through an embedded onsite provider, we partner with you and your team to proactively develop and manage effective processes to help employees get back to work sooner from disability. This service system can also be coupled with Briotix Health Industrial Sports Medicine programs to optimize results. Placing a Briotix Health professional at your place of business reduces the duration of short-term disability claims and the run-over into long-term disability.

• Identify and intervene before non-occupational and occupational discomfort and injury lead to disability
• Implement workplace adaptations enabling stay at work and return to work
• Identify opportunities to safely accelerate an employee’s return to work
• Facilitate re-integration into the workforce
• Increase workforce engagement and productivity from reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
• Reduce absence duration in short-term and long-term disability by engaging disabled employee, supervisors, treating physician, management and return to work staff in best practices to accommodate, educate, and reintegrate

Disability claim durations are significantly reduced. It is not uncommon to see improvements that drive ROI in the range of 3:1 to 10:1 in the first 1-2 years, then sustained thereafter.


The Graduated RTW Program focuses on developing a successful, customized plan to return an employee back to work. This plan delivers step-by-step recommendations for an employee’s reintroduction to work over a defined period of time. Our experts assist with attaining agreements from medical personnel and deliver detailed documentation of employee progress.


Our Accommodations Consulting services partner a Briotix Health professional with your case manager to determine the capabilities of an employee with return to work restrictions. Briotix Health’s Accommodation Consultants work with caseworkers, employers, healthcare providers, and the employee to coordinate communication across the entire team ensuring concise and thorough solutions are delivered. Our experts make sure every step is concisely documented to demonstrate compliance with doctor’s orders and the ADAAA.


Defined, objective measurement of each job’s actual physical demands – the first step in preventing injuries and returning employees to safe work. Briotix Health clinical experts go to your jobsite and measure the demands of targeted job tasks for each essential function in the job description. Using smart, calibrated Briotix Health technology and ISO processes. Your employees and supervisors are observed and consulted as subject matter experts, to ensure accurate PDA.

We use this data to develop specific return to work protocols that can be implemented in partnership with the treating physician, supervisor, and disabled employee to return employees to work safely and productively. PDA data can be documented as a detailed written report of essential job functions and corresponding physical demands. This data is essential in making informed, safe, and defensible return to work decisions.


Matching employees with injury prevention and rehabilitation professionals to coach on healthy body mechanics, ergonomics, and self care as an employee transitions back to work. RTW Job Coaching provides the disabled employee returning to work with a resource to help them in the transition. This Briotix Health resource brings the skills and knowledge base in accommodations, behavioral health, claims administration, injury
recovery, and biomechanics necessary to successfully reintegrate injured workers.


Permitting earlier return to work through ergonomic workstation modifications that help
to reduce ergonomic factors that can aggravate health conditions and cause relapse.

Functional assessment based on the essential job demands to determine an employee’s ability to safely return to work following a work absence. BTE Fit-for-Duty testing helps you assess and proceed with return to work options – for individuals on disability as well as inactive employees. All building on our provider network, Briotix Health onsite services,
and research-backed testing platforms and protocols.

BTE Fit-for-Duty also allows you to take a more informed, active role in workplace health and productivity. Baselining your active employees provides insight into their current functioning levels. Then, Briotix Health experts can work with you to develop appropriate wellness programs – cardiac, exercise, or strengthening to help you prevent future
issues due to an aging or deconditioned workforce.

Partner with Briotix Health and plug your workforce into our network of highly-trained providers utilizing BTE Smart Evaluation Equipment. FCEs help companies determine medical treatment authorization, return to work, and apportionment eligibility with objective evaluation data. We manage scheduling, referral placement, and multi-point quality assurance for your entire functional capacity evaluation process.

The BTE FCE is an important part of the decision support process. It includes the employer, claims adjustors, physicians, and therapists – all working together. Relying on objective BTE evaluation data to determine medical treatment authorization, return to
work, and apportionment eligibility in applicable jurisdictions. The FCE is critical to safe, efficient recovery and return to work.

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