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Safe Patient
Handling and Mobility Solutions 

The key to a safer and more efficient work environment

As a healthcare provider, you want to ensure the best care for your patients. But manual handling of patients can pose a significant risk to both patients and healthcare workers, leading to workplace injuries and decreased productivity.

Our team of experts specializes in utilizing the latest technology and equipment, including patient transfer assistive devices and lift equipment, to reduce the risk of injury and ensure patient safety and dignified transfers.

Our Services Include:


Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Our team will thoroughly assess your workplace to identify potential high-risk tasks associated with patient handling. This allows us to create a customized program that addresses the specific needs of your facility and ensures the safety of both patients and caregivers.


Customized Safe Patient Handling Programs

We develop a tailored program that includes the use of the latest technology and equipment, as well as a training program for your staff. Our programs are designed to meet your facility's unique needs, initiatives, and budget, ensuring the safe 

transfer of patients.


Regular Training and Education

Our team will provide regular training and education for your staff on safe use of patient-handling equipment and patient-handling policies. This improves your staff's knowledge and skills, reducing the risk of workplace musculoskeletal injuries resulting from manual patient handling.


On-Site Support and Maintenance

We offer on-site support and maintenance services to ensure that your equipment is always in good working order. Our team will be available to provide any necessary repairs or maintenance.

With the implementation of a safe patient handling program,
you can enjoy the following benefits:

Reduced risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (such as back injuries) for both patients and staff during manual lifting, repositioning, transfer, and handling

Improved patient care and comfort, promoting dignity and respect

Increased efficiency of healthcare staff, reducing time and effort for patient-handling tasks

Decreased staff turnover and increased job satisfaction

Cost savings through reducing workplace injuries, workers' compensation claims, and absenteeism

Compliance with OSHA regulations, safe patient handling laws, and other work practices in healthcare facilities

Don't wait - improve the well-being of both your patients and staff with our Safe Patient Handling services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a culture of safety and a more efficient healthcare environment.

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