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Briotix Service Model -360 ⁰ Experience.

View this PDF on what the Briotix Service Model can do for your workforce and organization

Virtual & Onsite Ergonomic Assessments

Per assessment or per day

Virtual Assessments

A detailed one page information on our virtual assessment services

ErgoFit – Work Site Assessments, Employee Training, More

An overview of our science-based program for behavioral change in everyday work.

Enterprise Global Management Program

A two page overview of how our enterprise program works on a large global scale.

BxEdge – Assessment to Identify Key Concerns

Information on our web-based risk assessment program.

BxChampion – Total Health Protection

Information on our virutal subscription service that addresses challenges for medium to large enterprises.

BxHealthcare – Healthcare staff injury prevention meets patient care

Staff Injury Prevention & Performance

Need a Customized Ergonomics Solution?