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Workplace Injury Prevention Solutions

Briotix Health is Your Partner in Injury Prevention

For a thriving business, companies need thriving employees. Preventing injuries is an essential component to creating an environment where employees thrive.


Briotix Health’s workplace injury prevention programs deliver unparalleled musculoskeletal care for hundreds of thousands of workers throughout the United States and globally, and enhance the health of these Working Athletes™ throughout their careers.

Our comprehensive suite of services are proven to effectively reduce the incidence and costs of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders in the workforce. Our services, which can be delivered both onsite and virtually, help identify and control job-related and personal health risks for your employees, significantly reducing the risk of injury and disability.

Importance of Injury Prevention in the Workplace

Preventing injuries in the workplace is important not only for employee health and well-being, but also for morale and productivity. When workplace injuries increase, employee morale and productivity decrease. This impacts the company’s bottom line.

Injury prevention initiatives are proven to:

  • Reduce workers’ compensation claims and costs

  • Decrease OSHA recordables, improve compliance

  • Reduce group health costs

  • Reduce lost-time injuries

Industrial Sports Medicine On-Site Provider With Employee

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Our Comprehensive Injury Prevention Solutions
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Industrial Sports Medicine™

Identify and control job-related and personal health risks for your employees to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and restore workforce health with tailored workplace solutions.

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Return to Work Solutions

Return injured workers back to full duty as soon as functionally possible and improve stay-at-work outcomes once they are there.

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BTE Employment Testing

Objectively and consistently measure a job candidate or employee's physical abilities compared to their job tasks to ensure your workers can safely perform their jobs without injury or discomfort.

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Your one-stop-shop for workplace ergonomics – from industrial ergonomics consulting to global office programs, harness the power of technology to enhance workplace ergonomics and prevent workplace injuries.

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Our Reach

Briotix Health has an extensive nationwide provider network of onsite providers who are subject-matter experts in body mechanics and injury risk reduction.

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