Preventing Injuries in your Workforce

Workplace Injury Prevention Programs with Industrial Sports Medicine

For a thriving business, companies need thriving employees. Preventing injuries is an essential component to creating an environment where employees thrive. Briotix Health’s workplace injury prevention programs are proven in reducing incident and costs of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders in the workforce. Our services, delivered both onsite and virtually, identify and control job-related and personal health risks of your employees to significantly reduce the risk of injury and disability.

 Our comprehensive industrial injury prevention services include:

Injury Prevention in the Workplace

Preventing injuries in the workplace is important not only for employee health and well-being but also to morale and productivity. When workplace injuries increase, employee morale and productivity decrease. This impacts the company’s bottom line. Briotix Health’s onsite injury prevention program has proven to help our clients:

What Does Briotix Health’s Workplace Injury Prevention Program Look Like?

A comprehensive workplace injury prevention program can have a big impact on both employee wellness and the company’s bottom line. At Briotix Health, our goal is to improve employee health by reducing common workplace injuries through onsite prevention services. Those services include:

  • Early Discomfort Management and Care: Our service emphasizes early detection of discomfort and physical strain. Tactics are personalized to each employee and focus on job coaching.
  • Personalized Job Coaching: After observing specific job tasks, our providers work with employees in one-on-one body mechanic coaching sessions to reduce the risk of injury while improving performance. 
  • Job Hazard Analysis: A service that provides a forensic quality assessment of job demands and safety hazards.
  • Safety Training: Our dynamic educational training is built around the distinctive needs of your workforce, delivering targeted injury prevention and health-based education.
  • Job-Specific Physical Conditioning: A service designed to help employees improve performance and reduce the risk of injury by strengthening their bodies through an individualized conditioning and stretching program.
  • Return-to-Work Job Coaching: A service designed to incorporate specific work function treatment into rehabilitation to ensure functional restoration is baked into the process and delivers optimal results. Employees are engaged at the point of risk or injury to uncover behavioral habits that may impair recovery or drive occupational injuries in the first place.
  • Comprehensive Documentation Collection: A service that ensures consistent and accurate documentation of each case to comply with federal and state regulations. Accurate documentation also ensures companies are prepared should a claim be adjudicated.
  • Real-Time Data Analysis: A service designed for the optimum return on investment utilizing real-time data with Briotix.Works to ensure your specific program objectives are met.