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Workplace Safety Performance Solutions

For nearly every employer, employees are a company’s most vital asset and keeping them safe is critical to the company’s success. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, every year, more than 4.1 million workers suffer a serious job-related injury or illness.

Establishing specific safety goals and then measuring progress towards those goals is one way to ensure companies are actively working to decrease workplace injuries while promoting employee health and a safe working environment. Briotix Health can help your company improve its workplace safety and health through a wide-range of solutions that address both prevention and rehabilitation.

Measuring Health & Safety Performance

Measuring a company’s health and safety performance provides information on the current safety status of the company as well as progress on strategies put in place to reduce the risk of employee injuries. Staying apprised of your current safety status is beneficial because:

  • Determine what policies are working to improve safety and while need reworking
  • Management can identify areas were assistance is needed
  • Create a feedback loop for continual improvement

Additionally, measuring the health and safety performance of a company provides data which is needed to make strategic and data-driven decisions. Health and safety data can help with decisions involving:

  • Prioritization of resources
  • Establishing reasonable and achievable goals
  • Ways in which progress may be best achieved

Safety Performance Indicators

Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that represent your company’s safety vision and strategy is the first step in accurately measuring health and safety initiatives. Spending time to create relevant KPIs will keep management from becoming inundated with data that is irrelevant to meeting safety goals.

To create a concise yet comprehensive list of KPIs, critical safety questions about the organization should be answered and then KPIs established to address those answers. These questions can include:

  • What is the maturity of the safety program at your organization?
  • When evaluating safety culture, where is it now and where do you want it to go?
  • What behaviors need to be changed to establish the safety culture you are trying to build?

The answers to these questions will guide the creation of relevant KPIs. For example, if your company has a less mature safety program, goals may focus on reducing major incidents and promoting overall wellness. If your company has a mature program, your KPIs may focus on minor incidents and subtle messaging changes.

Safety Performance Solutions & Software

Briotix Health operates with the mission to reduce employee injuries while delivering measurable results for our clients. We do this by providing a wide-range of safety performance solutions that address both the prevention and rehabilitation needs of our clients. To assist our customers in achieving their safety and health goals, we offer:

  • Workplace Injury Prevention with Industrial Sports Medicine: Our comprehensive workplace injury prevention program can make a big impact on both safety goals and a company’s bottom line. This program includes early discomfort management, industrial athlete coaching, job hazard analysis, team training, return-to-work coaching, comprehensive documentation collection, and real-time data analysis.
  • Onsite Rehabilitation – Briotix Health is a leading provider of onsite occupational therapy and rehabilitation services including onsite treatment, return-to-work support, and stay-at-work job coaching. Offering these services in-house significantly reduces the time off the clock and improves participation.
  • Onsite Ergonomic Assessment – We offer a variety of ergonomic assessments to fit your employee needs ranging from ADA to standard discomfort support to wellness-based assessment services. We also offer proactive ergo sweeps and move-in support targeting departments with quick assessments that are effective, economical, and specific to your company’s safety goals.
  • Briotix.Works Virtual Portal – Our internal Briotix.Works reporting and service management system helps companies easily manage and track progress on safety goals with assessment requests, ergo help desk, performance data, program integrations, and on-demand content. Plus, the portal includes chat-based ergonomics support for employees.

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