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Enhance Your Workplace with
Briotix Health's
Cloud-Based Ergonomic Software

Optimize Your Workplace with Briotix Health's Cloud-Based Ergonomic Software

Briotix Health offers our clients advanced ergonomic software - a comprehensive solution tailored to improve ergonomics in businesses of all sizes and industries.


Combining workflow management, employee self-help, and real-time reporting, our cloud-based ergonomic software helps you create a healthier work environment, more engaged workforce, and reduced risk of workplace injuries.

Experience the Benefits of Briotix Health's Ergonomics Solution

Our fully customizable ergonomics solution empowers both employers and employees, addressing ergonomic risk factors and promoting proper postures.


Employers can efficiently reach their entire workforce, while employees gain access to self-guided solutions, immediate support, and virtual or onsite ergonomic assessments conducted by experienced ergonomists.

Our Ergonomic Software Solution Offers:

Key Features of Our Ergonomic Assessment Software


Self-Assessment Tools


On-Demand Training and Education


24/7 Ergonomic

Support Chat



Decision Making


Access to Virtual or Onsite Assessments


Support for Office, Hybrid, and Home-Based Workers

  • Ergonomics Program Management: Streamline your ergonomics process with our user-friendly, cloud-based platform.

  • Self-Assessment Tools: Enable employees to independently identify and manage ergonomic risk factors using our assessment software.

  • On-Demand Training and Education: Provide employees with easy access to ergonomics training in various formats, such as webinars and interactive materials.

  • 24/7 Ergonomic Support Chat: Connect your workforce to ergonomics experts for round-the-clock guidance and advice.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilize valuable metrics for informed risk management and ergonomic strategy development.

  • Access to Virtual or Onsite Assessments: Benefit from expert ergonomic evaluations and risk assessments, customized to your organization's requirements.

  • Support for Office, Hybrid, and Home-Based Workers: Cater to the ergonomic needs of your diverse workforce, regardless of their work location.

Schedule a Demo to Experience Our Ergonomic Software

Discover the advantages of Briotix Health's ergonomic software firsthand. Request a demo today and see how our innovative, cloud-based solution can transform your workplace, reduce operational risk, and support occupational health.

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Check out this free Desk Set-Up Diagram. Really, it’s free. Use it to ensure your workspace is ergo friendly and productive.

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