• for Corporate Executives
    “Profitability only comes from cutting costs or growing revenues.”
    Briotix has demonstrated sustainable ROI from investments in workforce performance solutions
  • for EH&S Management
    “Things will calm down next month and I can become proactive with my programs.”
    Briotix can operationalize your ergonomics program and give you the room to drive meaningful change.
  • for Human Resources
    “HR doesn't get to innovate.
    We can't spend money.”
    Briotix can help you build a data-driven case showing cost savings and increased workforce performance. A case that executives find compelling.
  • for Workers' Compensation Management
    “There's no more low hanging fruit with risk and costs. We just look for small gains where we can find them.”
    Briotix can help you prevent escalation, optimize stay-at-work and accelerate return-to-work. The savings are substantial and impactful.
  • for Claims Adjusters
    “If I just keep working hard my case load will get back under control.”
    Briotix will give you the tools to close more cases and reduce the administrative load for each individual case.
  • Corporate
  • EH&S
  • Human
  • Leaders in
    Workers' Comp
  • Claims

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BRIOTIX: A New Type of Business Partner

A message from Stephen Brown, CEO of Briotix

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