Briotix is your partner in employee wellness, injury prevention, rehabilitation and the answer to problems around absenteeism, post offer employment testing, ergonomic employee training, workers’ compensation claims and reporting.  We bring the expertise of physical therapists, occupational therapists, ergonomists and athletic trainers to your most complicated problems along with best in class technology and reporting software, enabling you to use KPI’s, industry standards and benchmarks to improve the health and productivity of your workforce.

We offer expert support, wherever you are at the scale you need: 1 to 100,000+.  Our team of passionate, caring and credentialed experts give you incredible results coupled with incomparable data. Contact us to discuss your specific goals today.

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Our services are vast and specific to the needs of each individual business, employer and employee.  Some of the problems our services solve for you include:

  • Reducing Absinteeism
  • Preventing Injuries with Early Symptom Intervention
  • Helping Employees Return to Work after an Injury
  • Preventing Re-Injury with Rehabilitation and Workstation Changes
  • Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Making Data Driven Decisions with KPI & Industry Benchmark Reports
  • Engaging Employees to Participate in Their Wellness
  • Employee Wellness Training
  • Ergonomic Assessments for proper Office Configuration
  • Post Offer Employment Testing to ensure your new hire is fit for the duties required
  • Job Descriptions and Job Analysis
  • Group Fitness & Wellness Courses

And so much more.  Contact us to discuss your challenges and we will provide you with customized solutions.