Our calendar provides information on our 2017 speaking engagements as well as conference and expos we will be attending and exhibiting. If you are looking for a subject matter expert in How technology is shaping employee engagement in health & safety, return to work strategies, injury prevention, workers compensation cost reduction or educating your virtual workforce on preventing aches and pains at work, contact us with your event details.

Don’t miss our presentation at Northwest Food & Beverage World Monday, January 8th at 1pm, where Donna Hoctor will be presenting on: Employee Safety, Engagement, and Injury Prevention: A Case for Ergonomics:  Did you know that employee discomfort results in approximately 5 1/2 hours of lost productivity per week? This session will demonstrate how good ergonomics can improve employee engagement, reduce employee discomfort, and improve presenteeism, all while reducing the number of work place injuries, OSHA recordables, and worker’s compensation costs. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to identify injury risk and utilize simple solutions available to them to mitigate that risk. Participants will gain understanding of how to integrate ergonomic principles into existing safety programs. Industry examples will be presented to make a business case for the development of a strong ergonomic program within an organization. Participants will practice using risk assessment tools to quantify risk to make a case for change.

Connect with us at the On-Site Employee Health Clinics Conference The Leading Forum on Building & Expanding On-Site Health Clinics – Incorporating Strategies that Reduce Costs, Ensure Employee Satisfaction and Positively Impact Patient Behavior

Connect with us at the PARMA 2018 Annual Risk Management Conference.  PARMA is a professional community of California public agency personnel with responsibility for risk management, and a network of risk management service providers.

Bob Patterson, our Executive VP and Co-Founder will be speaking today at the ASSE Orange County Event on “Managing Musculoskeletal Injuries with Early Ergonomic Interventions.”

Don’t miss Matt Marino’s presentation on wearables and ergonomics at WM Symposia 2018

WM SYMPOSIA, INC. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and information exchange on global radioactive waste management.

The annual Waste Management Symposia (WMS) international conference for the management of radioactive waste and related topics provides an  open forum for discussing and seeking safe, environmentally responsible, technically sound and cost effective solutions to the management and disposition of radioactive wastes and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities to enhance the transparency and credibility of the global radioactive waste industry.

Learn more about WM Symposia 2018

Don’t miss Matt Marino’s presentation at WearARcon 2018.

WearRAcon 18, the only event dedicated to the wearable robotics industry. The event brings together more than 200 attendees from across the globe, to hear cutting-edge presentations, see robotics demonstrations, and network with those creating and using wearable robotic devices.  The event is put on by The Wearable Robotics Association (WearRA).

Learn more about WearRAcon 2018.

Visit us at booth #55 during the Applied Ergonomics Conference and don’t miss Matt Marino’s presentation on Wearable Ergonomics – Using Wearable Sensors to Evaluate Exoskeletons in the Field.

Day: Tuesday
Time: 8:00 AM – 8:40 AM
Location: Room 212 – 214
Wearable Ergonomics – Using Wearable Sensors to Evaluate Exoskeletons in the Field

Learning Objectives:
Understand how wearable sensor technology can be used in the field to perform ergonomic evaluations before and after solution implementation. Understand how exoskeletons can be used with certain manual material handling workers. Understand how useful wearable sensor technology can be for evaluating workers, testing exoskeletons, and managing an ergonomics program across an entire organization.

Presentation Description (Abstract):
Every day, workers report to physically and mentally demanding jobs. The estimated direct costs of injuries due to overexertion involving an outside source was $15.1 billion in 2012, representing one quarter of the total workplace injury direct costs (Liberty Mutual, 2014). These injuries account for about 30% of lost time injuries. Traditional ergonomic methods can be very effective, but they are often time consuming and fail to capture everything about a worker’s job. New technologies can collect many types of data efficiently and accurately for use by ergonomists in the field. Employees at Costco agreed to participate in trials of wearable sensor systems and exoskeletons. The trials were supervised by a Briotix Lead Ergonomist. Workers in numerous departments were tested using traditional methods as well as wearable sensor systems designed to collect physiological, kinematic and ground reaction force data. Exoskeletons designed to mitigate injury risk for the back, neck, shoulders, legs, knees and feet were tested. Wearable technologies are part of the future of how people will function in the world. This may be true for ergonomists as well. This presentation will report on our effort, data, results, experience and hopes for wearable sensor and exoskeleton use in ergonomics.

Connect with us at the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition.   As the preeminent organization dedicated to educating, engaging and advocating for the global risk community, RIMS, the risk management society™, is a not-for-profit organization representing more than 3,500 corporate, industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable and government entities throughout the world.

Stop by and visit our booth at the AAOHN National Conference in Reno, Nevada.  The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) is the professional association of licensed nurses engaged in the practice of occupation and environmental health nursing.

Exploring Alternative Return-to-Work Strategies

We presented at the IBI Forum, introducing on-site return to work resources to supplement employer return to work programs.  An initial pilot program has seen significant reduction in disability durations, containing costs and optimizing employees’ engagement.  

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We will be speaking at the ISSE Annual Conference & Expo.  Don’t miss Matt Marino: Wearable Ergonomics – Using Wearable Sensors to Evaluate Exoskeletons in the Field

Stop by our booth this week at Safety 2018.

Connect with us at the National Council of Self Insurers annual meeting. The National Council of Self-Insurers is an organization of corporate, state association and professional members. The initial and primary interest of the National Council of Self-Insurers is workers’ compensation and particularly self-insurance of the workers’ compensation liability.

Stop by our booth at SHRM 2018 Annual Conference & Expo in Chicago this week.

Connect with us at the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation Annual Conference. The California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation (CCWC) is dedicated to providing the leadership, education, and advocacy that are essential to an equitable and efficient workers’ compensation system. Each year, we demonstrate this focused commitment by presenting a content-rich conference that addresses all aspects of the industry.

Connect with us at the 2018 DMEC Annual Conference in Austin, Texas. The Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) is committed to providing focused education for absence management professionals. From face-to-face conferences to helpful tools and resources, we give you what you need to reduce costs, minimize lost work time, and increase staff productivity. Learn about our history and what’s ahead in the next few years.

Connect with us at the 73rd Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference and 30th Annual Safety & Health Conference. The Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI) is a nonprofit educational organization that serves as a comprehensive resource to all workers’ compensation stakeholders. The WCI is an outgrowth of the long-established Florida Workers’ Compensation Institute.

Stop by our booth at the National Ergonomics Conference & Ergonomics Expo this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Connect with us at the CWC & Risk Conference. This event gathers top risk professionals together to share experiences and gain expertise.


Connect with us at AOHP 2018 National Conference. The Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP) is a national association with nearly 1,000 members who serve as leaders in championing the vital role of occupational health professionals in healthcare today. Through active involvement at local, state and national levels, AOHP has become the defining authority and leading advocate for occupational health and safety in healthcare, representing tens of thousands of healthcare workers throughout the nation.


Connect with us at NAWHC 6th Annual Forum in Milwaukee.  The National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC) is a Chicago-based, trade organization focused on assisting public and private employers, unions and other sponsors of worksite health programs in getting the greatest return from their onsite employer health centers, onsite pharmacies, worksite fitness and wellness centers.


Connect with us at WOHC 2018 in San Francisco, CA.  The mission of the Western Occupational and Environmental Medical Association (WOEMA), and of the Western Occupational Health Conference (WOHC), is to promote and protect the health of people at work and in their environment through preventive service, clinical care, research, and evaluation.


Connect with us at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo. The NSC Congress & Expo brings together the world’s largest gathering of safety professionals annually. NSC uses the concept of the Journey to Safety Excellence® as a roadmap for organizations to continuously improve their safety practice to ensure no harm.

Stop by our booth and connect with us at the National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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