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Caring for
your workforce
and building a
healthier workplace

Your Solution for Musculoskeletal Health

From hiring to retiring, Briotix Health delivers unparalleled musculoskeletal care and workplace injury prevention solutions, enhancing the health of your employees throughout their careers.

Human Resources professional meeting to reduce workplace injuries

Human Resources

Reduce time-away injuries and group medical costs while improving retention and employee satisfaction.

Workers' compensation claims manager looking to reduce musculoskeletal claims costs

Workers' Compensation

Decrease both frequency and severity of musculoskeletal-related workers' compensation claims.

Disability manager discussing how to reduce disability claims

Disability Management

Reduce short- and long-term disability claims while improving return-to-work and stay-at-work outcomes.

Insurance broker looking for creative solutions to close open claims cases

Insurance Brokers and Carriers

Close open claims cases with creative solutions to best meet your clients' injury reduction needs.

Risk manager calculating cost of organizational risks

Risk Management

Identify and mitigate organizational risks while reducing workers' compensation costs.

Safety Manager discussing early intervention program

Safety Management

Eliminate sprain, strain, and OSHA recordable injuries by implementing our tailored onsite or virtual injury prevention programs.

Occupational health at the worksite

Occupational Health

Improve overall health and wellbeing of your team members with customized preventative medicine, behavioral health programs, and therapeutic exercise.

Ergonomic professionals delivering onsite ergonomic evaluation

Ergonomic Professionals

Improve your workforce's comfort, productivity, and safety with self-help tools, best-practice onsite and virtual assessments, and industry-leading training.

Facility manager meeting with employees to discuss safety concerns

Facilities Management

Manage the complex responsibilities and control costs with our enterprise ergonomic solutions and technologies.

A Global Impact, A Personalized Touch

 Customized to meet the unique needs of your workforce, our personalized service mix is
built for scalability and consistency regardless of company size or location.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“As I reflect on 2023 and how [our site] performed from an HSE standpoint, all of our metrics are trending in the right direction and specifically within ergonomics on the shop floor. We ended 2023 with 0 recordables related to ergo and our first aid numbers decreased 16% from 2022. A key factor in this is all the hard work [our ISM Providers] are doing. I can’t wait to continue this partnership in 2024.”

Lee Doyle, HSE Leader at Cummins

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