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We can help your organization achieve success in employee wellness while improving your bottom line.

  • Do you have injuries at work?
  • Are employees complaining about discomfort?
  • Are your new hires fit for the demands of the job?
  • Is absenteeism a problem?
  • Are claims on the rise?

Let us help you take control of your injury rates, absenteeism and employee wellness.

Briotix Health combines tools, science and technology from the fields of employee health, ergonomics, physical medicine, data science, and organizational design to address and prevent employee injuries, help them get back to work and reduce the individual, organizational, and societal costs of musculoskeletal disorders.


Over one million employees supported.


We are constantly improving benefits to employees and productivity through our R&D efforts.


Workers Compensation Managers, Human Resources, Risk Managers and Operations can show cost savings and employee benefits with Briotix Health programs.


We work with Fortune 500 companies all the way down to a single office.


From offshore oil rigs, to world wide office locations and highly sensitive clean rooms – no job is too hard.


A technology enabled partner for your business, reaching your workforce with more effective tools.

Testimonials from Happy Employers

"Excellent relationship initial program has been modified and adapted to other chain groups/distribution staff. Once up–we were able to take a look at it, and worked with Briotix Health to tweak… they were very flexible, and worked with our needs in mind."


Environmental Health and Safety

"The training and prevention work done by Briotix Health has significantly increased employee awareness of proper body mechanics, resulting in fewer strain injuries overall. The early intervention efforts by the Briotix Health therapists dramatically improved employees’ conditions in several cases, thereby lowering both the frequency and severity of strain injuries. The therapists’ consistent follow-through with ergonomic projects in our manufacturing areas and our offices has been a great supplement to our own efforts."


Safety Manager
Amy’s Kitchen, Inc.

"Briotix Health has been a wonderful asset to our organization. The therapists are fantastic. They integrate into our work culture, are well accepted by our employees, and are an excellent resource for management."

CA Region, Director of Safety and Compliance

Comcast Corporation

"Preventive care is so important. We don’t want to wait for an injury to occur when we know we have tools and systems available to us such as Briotix Health to help prevent injuries. Why wouldn’t you want to participate in having that prevention in place? In the last year, we have not had a single injury in the housekeeping department."

General Manager and Regional Vice President
Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

"After evaluating several vendors, Parsons teamed with Briotix Health to implement Workstation Safety Plus and PACE. Within a year of implementation, Parsons was able to evidence a 50% reduction in injuries and a 75% reduction in associated injury costs. Needless to say, our executives were very pleased with the results."

Corporate Safety

"Briotix Health’s ability to adapt to the unique environment we work in has made the program very successful. Our therapist has adapted very well to our corporate culture. We couldn’t be more pleased with how Briotix Health has significantly decreased our injury costs and frequency, and how our employees have responded to the working relationship we have with Briotix Health."

General Counsel
Pierce Transit Authority

"I want to thank you very much for the excellent training you conducted at Progressive over the last two days. It was energetic, interactive, informative, right-on ergonomic training! The team was engaged, learning and having fun! I thought it was a great balance between the book-learning and valuable interactive activities. You supported our bringing this group together to move Ergonomics forward with strategies in place for a newly formed team. We all benefited from this experience. Thank you sincerely and be well."

Wellness Manager
Progressive Insurance

"We have worked with Briotix Health for several years with both an onsite physical therapy program for our workers’ compensation claims, and with a prevention program. Briotix Health has been very responsive and partnered with us as we expand our prevention program and look for new ways to prevent workplace strains and sprains."

Assistant Director, Human Resources
Sheraton Hotel

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Asian / Pacific Region – Singapore
Australia – Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra
Canada – Vancouver, Ontario, Toronto
China – Hong Kong
Ireland – Dublin
Israel – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
Korea – Seoul
Mexico – Mexico City
Sweden – Saltsjöbaden
United Kingdom – Whitechapel, London


Whether you are looking for a single work site assessment or injury prevention program support, Briotix Health has the reach and coverage to deliver consistent, high quality services across the nation and around the world.

Across the Nation

Briotix Health can be onsite quickly in every state where we have coverage.

Around the World

Serving our global clients on 6 continents, in more than 63 countries, covering more than 1,000,000 employees.

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